Advertising Rates

Good news! We are not VAT registered so no VAT to add to the below prices.

Sixteenth Page Advert

63mm wide x 22mm high

Eighth Page Advert

63mm wide x 45mm high

Quarter Page Advert

63mm wide x 93mm high

Half Page Advert

128mm wide x 93mm high

Full Page Advert

128mm wide x 190mm high

Premium Positions

Please call to discuss availability

Length of booking…

There is a minimum three month booking requirement on advertising. After the initial three months of advertising, adverts continue to appear on a rolling monthly basis but can be cancelled by the advertiser with a month’s notice. N.B. We do waive this requirement for one off events.


All adverts have to either be paid for by monthly Direct Debit or in advance of printing by card payment or bank transfer. N.B. We are not VAT registered so there is no VAT to be added to the above prices.

Other services…

Advert design…

If you need us to help with advert design, basic layout is £7:50. More complicated designs are charged per hour.

Advertorial space…

You can choose to use booked space for a business editorial feature; this space is charged at the same rate as advertising space.

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