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INSIDE Shoreham & Southwick is distributed to 12,000 Shoreham and Southwick homes every month with a further 500 copies of the publication being placed at distribution points around the area.

The purpose of the publication is twofold. Firstly it exists to provide a platform for the local community to make known local activities and groups going on around the area with the aim of connecting people up with each other and creating a stronger community spirit.

Please read our editorial policies and if you have a community event or group that you would like to publicise drop us a line.

The other purpose of INSIDE Shoreham & Southwick is to create a cost effective and targeted way for local businesses to reach the wider community with a view to creating a more local customer base and a more prosperous local business scene.

On this site you can find answers to common questions about advertising as well as advertising rates.

If you are a resident and love getting INSIDE Shoreham & Southwick through your letterbox every month please consider giving us a positive review on Google here. If you don’t feel able to give us a positive review please give us your feedback on what you would like to see improved…we value all feedback we get.

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